Friends Society

For many years, our library was housed in a building on 2nd Avenue that we quickly outgrew.

In 1986, a dedicated team of visionary citizens came together to form the Friends of the Beaverlodge Public Library Society.  When it was realized that the old building was no longer functional, the group began the arduous task of raising funds for a new library in our community.

After seven years of fundraising events, writing grant applications and canvassing for funds, construction was finally able to begin.  With great pride and jubilation, the doors of our new library were opened for operation in 2007.

The Friends of the Beaverlodge Public Library Society continues to support the library through various fundraising campaigns to keep the library sustainable and growing.

If you would like to participate in keeping this vital community resource vibrant and healthy, we invite you to contact the library at 780-354-2569 and say:

"I'd like to help.  What can I do?"