Home Routes Concert Series

Beaverlodge Public Library is hosting 6 concerts as part of the Home Routes Series!  This amazing tour has been made possible by our very generous sponsors,  Foster's Feed & Seed and Foster's Agri-World.

Tickets can be purchased at the Library in advance and also on the night of each concert. 

Ticket Prices

Season Ticket (covering all 6 concerts) : $135

Ticket per concert : $25

The Home Routes Series starts with Saligaude on Tuesday 24th October.  A list of performers and concert dates can be found below as well as links to sample their music.

October 24th - Saligaude  https://saligaude.bandcamp.com 

November 22nd - David Graham  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-B3kcMoOHU 

February 1st - TBD

March 8th - Rumour Mil  https://rumourmill.band

April 6th - The Pairs  https://thepairsmusic.com 

May 12th - Mia Kelly  https://miakellymusic.com